The cloud computing IT infrastructure solution for a single, simple low monthly subscription.

Cloud computing is the future. We have all become familiar with cloud-based services which have been around for some time in the form of web-based emails, music and video streaming and photo sharing sites but a revolution is currently taking place that opens up the benefits of the cloud to businesses. This new wave of business computing results in significant cost savings, better and more effective IT solutions which grow responsively and flexibly with your business.


Put your head in the cloud and let your imagination run free……

Imagine you are in an important meeting. You reach into your briefcase for a crucial document and realise you’ve left it sitting on your desk. With Cloudmetix, our cloud computing solution, you have instant access to all your customer files at the touch of a button. What could be simpler?

Imagine the freedom you could have if you and your team could access your office systems whenever you want, no matter where you are. All you need is an internet connection, and your desktop is there right in front of you, with access to all your files and documents, your business software and your email accounts

Imagine a solution that brings together all members of your team. You might have remote workers, branches dotted all over the country, or you might have staff working from home. Internal communications become so much easier and more effective with Cloudmetix. Not only does this save you time and money, but it can also increase productivity and staff morale.

What does Cloudmetix offer?

Traditional IT Cloudmetix
Capital Expenditure Expensive initial investment
Costly hardware & software upgrades
No capital outlay – pay per userState of the art servers that are continually upgraded and maintainedRevenue expenditure – fully allowable against corporation tax
Accessibility Office based Access from anywhere in the world
Scalability Requires capital investment, space, integration with existing systems, and time for installation for initial implementation and subsequent upgrades. Networking between sites is expensive and requires additional equipment. Cloudmetix is elastic. It allows you to add users and storage as and when required. Upscale or downsize to suit the needs of your business. Ideal for remote working, networking between different sites. Access your complete office wherever you are in the world and whenever you like.
Flexibility Static IT infrastructure has a certain amount of flexibility in terms of data
storage, access to your IT systems, and the capacity to grow with your business. Small business servers allow for remote access,  but this has to be managed.
Cloudmetix is completely elastic and flexible. You choose what you use, every
step of the way. Software, number of users, access from anywhere at any time are all benefits that give you the freedom to focus on what you do best, which is running your business.
Security Relies on robust processes and procedures. Prone to human error in terms of security breaches.Relies on both hardware and software being kept up to date to protect against new and evoling threats. Cloudmetix is protected by the latest security appliances and software from WatchGuard, SafeNet and AVG. The datacentre is protected by 24/7 perimeter security and CCTV with scheduled authorised access only with a photo-ID.
Performance IT infrastructure and software quickly becomes obsolete and performance degrades over time. Unless you have an IT maintenance contract, performance can suffer for small businesses. Additional performance is another benefit of using Cloudmetix with the increase
in bandwidth and the resilience for your network. Both the Cloudmetix IaaS and SaaS will be continually upgraded, taking advantage of new technologies. You will be able to
“futureproof” your IT systems without any additional overall costs to your business.
Quality of service The quality of your IT systems will depend on your support contracts and/or the level of qualified technicians in your IT department. Maintaining quality standards can be time-consuming, bureaucratic and
Our data centre complies with the security standards ISO9001 and ISO/IEC27001
certification. This standard specifies a management system that is intended to bring information security under explicit management control. Being a formal specification means that it mandates specific requirements. Our data centre has been formally audited and
certified compliant with the standard. Also, the data centre meets contractual requirements and demonstrates to our customers that the security of their information is paramount and meets corporate governance and business continuity requirements.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Cloudmetix operates on a robust infrastructure platform which is extremely secure with all our servers being based at a UK centre in Derby. It is important that you know where your data is being hosted and stored. In fact, Cloudmetix is likely to be a lot safer and more secure than most small business IT systems.

  • Dedicated private application server running Windows Server.
  • Each user will get an initial 20GB of storage capacity, which will be “pooled” between all the users from one organisation. The storage will automatically expand to accommodate increasing data demands without the need for user intervention and can also be reduced again on request if required.
  • Nightly backup of the entire application server.
  • Server based endpoint protection using AVG CloudCare and cloud based email protection using EPA Webroot. Webroot will filter all viruses, malware, phishing etc. before it ever gets to Cloudmetix and the applications servers, as well as the vast majority of spam. It will also provide deep content scanning for data loss prevention as well as offensive material.
  • The Cloudmetix portal will be accessed via a standard web browser with SSL encryption.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

With all your IT being hosted on Cloudmetix servers, you no longer need to worry about expensive software licences and constant upgrades. Software as a Service is rapidly gaining momentum. With Cloudmetix we go that extra mile and give you more than just the standard software.

  • MS Office Standard: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook with Business Contact Manager and OneNote. Office Professional is also available if required for a small additional cost.
  • Clients can install a wide range of approved software applications of their own e.g. Sage accounts, ACT etc. SQL Express can be provided at no extra cost and full SQL Server can be provided for a small incremental cost.

Service Level Agreements

Our business is built on excellent customer service. We have over a decade of experience and expertise looking after our clients’ IT systems, and doing it well, often beyond our customers’ expectations. Click here for testimonials.

  • Cloudmetix comes with our Platinum level NETCARE support service, which includes full support and remote administration as well as real-time active monitoring, self-healing and detailed monthly reports.


Our data centre has physical security in place with perimeter fencing and CCTV coverage points on all internal and external entry and exit points, as well as between rack aisles from which images are recorded and stored. Our data centre operates a strict photo ID swipe card entry system for access to the building and there is manned security on site on a 24/7 basis.

Going Green

Cloudmetix really does contribute to reducing your business carbon footprint:

  • Save energy by having fewer machines.
  • Because the Cloudmetix servers are more fully utilised, they are running at their optimum more frequently and are therefore more efficient than most inhouse server.

The future is here now – head for the clouds with Cloudmetix